Why CIA?



Welcome to the Ultimate Destination for Wine Studies

Yes, the “C” in our name stands for “Culinary.” But the CIA has long been home to the world’s premier wine, beverage, and service education for people who are passionate about the other side of the food world. And our Napa Valley campus—whose historic main building was constructed in 1889 as Greystone Cellars—has offered in-depth wine education since opening in 1995.

5 Great Reasons to Study Wine at the CIA
  1. You will study in an atmosphere of learning and higher education.
  2. You can swirl, taste, and pair in the Rudd Center’s unparalleled sensory classrooms.
  3. You will learn from a faculty that’s a “Who’s Who” of wine and wine education, including guest lecturers from around the Napa Valley.
  4. You will join a community of people who are passionate about wines, beverages, and food.
  5. You can prepare for the career of your dreams. People who study wine at the CIA can be found working in restaurants, hotels, resorts, wineries, beverage retail outlets, and wine media as sommeliers, wine directors, beverage managers, entrepreneurs, general managers, and more.

“Wine is an increasingly vital part of the larger food world, and there are now many more career opportunities for aspiring wine professionals.”

—Dr. Tim Ryan ’77, CIA President