Certified Wine Professional



The CIA’s Certified Wine Professional

Earning a CIA Certified Wine Professional® credential tells the wine world that you’re ready to take on any opportunity. Just ask the nearly 500 successful wine professionals who boast a “CWP” next to their name.

The wine and beverage industry needs trained professionals to work in wine tourism, wholesale distribution, sales and marketing, education, fine dining, and more. A CWP credential from the CIA shows employers that you have the specialized skills they want.

Earning Your CIA Wine Certification

The 2 1/2-hour written and practical CWP exam validates your sensory ability, knowledge of wine, understanding of the business, pairing skills, and more.

To help you prepare for the CWP exam, you can take these optional courses:

For upcoming exam dates and to register, call 707-967-2568. You can also earn your CWP as part of the CIA Wine and Beverage Graduate Certificate.